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Metamorfoze PV 2014

met•a•mor•pho•sis (mĕt′ə-môr′fə-sĭs)
n. pl. met•a•mor•pho•ses (-sēz′)
1. A transformation, as by magic or sorcery.
2. A marked change in appearance, character, condition, or function.

It’s a new start. Spring is here and so is Metamorphosis – the 2014 Spring Summer collection from Pixie Shoes. Spring is a time of great transformations. The whole Earth awakens from its hibernal sleep and slowly, colors are taking their place. The winter whites are replaced by pastel shades and pops of bright are illuminating the atmosphere. Smiles are full of light and the flower covered streets resonate with girlish laughter. This is what Metamorphosis is about: change, happiness and color. Shoes that will make you smile and colors that invoke the sunny days of spring.

Credit foto: Opal Studio
Model: Irina Ghergu
Multumim: Denisa Luntraru

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